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The Northern Territory is a beautiful place, but right now, gas giant Origin Energy has plans to frack for dangerous shale gas through some of our most unique and pristine landscapes, waterways and iconic tourism destinations.

Right now, they’re in Sydney having their AGM and Traditional Owners from the communities where Origin plans to frack are telling the Board and Executive that they don’t want fracking on their country.

There are so many reasons why fracking is a bad idea, you can choose just one of them to talk to the Origin  PR team about. To make sure everyone can get through, we’ve included their landlines, mobiles and emails so you can get them.


Anneliis Allen

Group Manager, External Affairs

(02) 8345 5119

0428 967 166

[email protected]


Stuart Osbourne

Media Manager, Retail

(03) 9652 5781

0427 586 401

[email protected]

Tracy Ong

Senior External Affairs Manager

(02) 8345 5213

0408 400 227

[email protected]


Christopher Zipf

Senior External Affairs Manager Queensland

(07) 3028 5398

0429 078 331

[email protected]


Here’s some talking points, remember to stay calm, and if you’re a customer or shareholder make sure to mention that!

  • Hi there, my name is XXXX I’d like to lodge a complaint about Origin’s plans to frack for shale gas in the Northern Territory.
  • I am very concerned about fracking in the Beetaloo gas basin where many Traditional Owners have complained that Origin failed to consult them over the scale and risks of its fracking gasfields. Many more Native Title holders say Origin excluded them from consultations about the proposal entirely.
  • Origin Energy like to say they represent ‘good energy’ but the climate impacts of fracking for gas in Origin’s Beetaloo region exploration permits would be massive. The direct and leaked fugitive emissions of fracking the Beetaloo Basin are estimated to be 4-5 times more damaging to our climate than the controversial Adani coal mine, making it impossible to keep warming below the Paris Climate target of a 1.5 degree rise in temperature.
  • I would like to see Origin Energy drop plans for fracking across the NT, and instead focus on advancing clean energy options that doesn’t put at risk land, water, our communities and climate.
  • I am part of a growing movement of people who are ready to stop fracking in the NT. Over coming months we will be using every opportunity to convince Origin Energy to drop fracking plans and commit to clean energy instead.
  • What will be the next steps for progressing this complaint with the company?
  • Thank you for your time.

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