Pledge to help protect the NT from a Fracking Pipeline

The Northern Gas Pipeline is a bad deal for Territory communities and our climate.


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Sign the pledge to help protect the Northern Territory from a fracking pipeline

 The gas fracking industry has set its sights on expanding new fossil fuel frontiers across Australia’s Northern Territory.

 Right now, a new gas pipeline stretching from the NT to QLD is in the final stages of assessment. According to the gas industry, the pipeline will drive ‘commercial exploration and development of currently untapped gas reserves’.

 With 85% of the Territory under application for oil and gas, this fracking pipeline is leading the charge to turn the Territory’s landscapes and waterways into onshore fracked gasfields.

 Will you join the pledge to help stop this madness? 

 Yes, I pledge to do what I can to support the campaign to stop the Northern Gas Pipeline and unconventional gas fracking across the Northern Territory. 

Will you sign?

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